We offer four simple payment methods

Payment by Credit Card

We can accept credit cards over the phone. Please call us to make a credit card payment. Credit card payments are subject to a small transaction fee.

Payment by Wire Transfer

This tried and true method allows your local bank to deposit money in our account, usually within 24 to 48 hours. We provide you with the instructions by fax or email when you are ready to go to the bank. This service is great for cruisers. Charges are levied by your bankers and our bankers for this service.

DirectPay Deposit with  

We have formed a strategic alliance with FirstBank in the Caribbean. Our clients in Puerto Rico, US Virgin Islands and British Virgin Islands may avoid wire transfer charges and delays in insurance transactions by depositing the amount due into our FirstBank account. You go to the nearest FirstBank branch and using the instructions we will provide you deposit your insurance payment into our account. Easy, simple and free of charges.

Payment by Mail

This is the most common method of payment and is suitable if there is plenty of time before coverage or coverage changes take place. Overnight letters such as FedEx®, DHL and UPS® are included in this category.

Mailing address: POB 4668, PMB 94475, New York, NY 10163-4668