Charter Delivery & Captain Liability Insurance

Often a Skipper will have an opportunity to work a passage or relieve a buddy for a charter and needs insurance coverage before assuming command or taking the helm.

Skippers Choice® Marine Liability can be customized to cover….

  • Your Liability as a delivery skipper or crew, or a captain who skippers more than one vessel
  • You, when the owner has insufficient insurance or requires insurance for a passage, a delivery or charter use
  • You act as a captain for clients who bareboat charter but want a captain to operate the boat while they enjoy themselves
  • You, if the owner’s insurance refuses to cover your acts when you were the boat’s operator or in command
  • Additional insurance coverage if the boat has insufficient liability insurance coverage or the judgement exceeds the owner’s coverage
  • Legal fees related to a Liability claim against you

Some scenarios where Skippers Choice protects you 24/7.

  • You deliver boats for one or more boatbuilders.
  • A bareboat company needs a captain to drive a rental boat.
  • You are a relief or standby captain for a ferryboat or water taxi.
  • You do not have the money to pay for a lawyer if you are sued.
  • You need coverage for trips outside of the USA.
  • You operate a Parasail boat or a Tourist Submarine. Skippers Choice is designed to cover you if there is an accident and you are dragged into a lawsuit.
  • You are retired and want to make some money part-time doing charters or deliveries.

The list is endless and the examples above are just a few or the operations we insure.

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DISCLOSURE: The information above is for illustrative purposes only and does not replace any terms, conditions, limitation or restrictions of any insurance policy. Contact us for more information.